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Masters of rock

7:30 PM Friday
9th June 2017

Tickets: $30.00    Members: $25.00

Australia’s Biggest Tribute Show


The Masters of Rock show have arrived, and spared no expense in recreating the sight, sound and excitement of the world’s greatest rock bands. This amazing show is presented in 5 parts, with each tribute being lavishly portrayed and all the classics being reproduced.


The show opens with a larger than life tribute to LED ZEPPELIN, complete with the band on-stage in seventies costumes, performing all the Zeppelin hits. The band performs a fitting tribute to the musical milestones of Led Zeppelins recording career. This segment takes the audience on a journey to the “Stairway to Heaven.”


Part two of the show rolls out the cool groove sounds of THE DOORS. From Roadhouse Blues, too Riders of the storm, no stone has been left unturned. This is a fantastic tribute to the “Musical Mystical power” of The DOORS. From a time when music was king and free love was in the air, it’s all here for the audience to soak in the vibe.


Part three of the show features a tribute to everybody's favourite band, Deep Purple. Fans are treated to a mass of hits, from Smoke on the water, to Black night, the audience will be singing along, and pumping their fists in the air. This tribute really gets the room rocking.


Part four of the show slams into an explosive tribute to Guns n’ Roses. The audience are treated to all the Gunner’s hits, From Sweet child, to Paradise city complete with all the Hollywood bad-boy antics of, Axl, Slash, Issy, Duff, Matt, & Dizzy. This is one hell of a tribute that leaves the audience blown away.


The Final part of the show kicks into overdrive, with the band delivering a thundering tribute to Australia’s greatest Rock n Roll Band, AC/DC. The audience are treated to a high-octane set of AC/DC classics, complete with the frenetic stage antics of that guitar-wielding schoolboy, Angus. All the AC/DC action fans know and love is delivered in this energetic set.


The Masters of Rock show, is a “One of a Kind” 4 hour entertainment package, that leaves audiences and hotel management blown away by the magnitude of this Rock n Roll extravaganza.


Masters of rock
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