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Golfing Social
254 South St, Toowoomba
(07) 4636 9000


City Golf Club Toowoomba hosts Bingo four days a week

Join Sonya and her team for Bingo and fun with family and friends. With loads of weekly prizes to be won and great Bingo & Meal deals, you can't go wrong with City Golf Club Bingo! 

Monday Night Bingo

 Tickets on sale 6.30pm, Eyes down 7.30pm. See our friendly staff for more details. 


Monday & Wednesday Morning

Doors open 8.30am, Eyes Down 9.30am




Thursday Bingo

Tickets on sale 1pm, Eyes down 2pm

See our friendly staff for more details.


Friday Morning Bingo

Doors open 8.30am, Eyes Down 9.30am  

Please note, you must be 18+ years of age to play Bingo due to government laws and regulations. 



CITYGOLFCLUB encourages Responsible Gaming. More information on our Responsible Gaming Policies.