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Golfing Social
254 South St, Toowoomba
(07) 4636 9000



Terms and conditions

  • This promotion is conducted by City Golf Club staff.
  • Promotion runs at the above times except for during other conflicting promotions.
  • Winners will be announced via the public address system.
  • During all draws, if a members name is called they have 2 minutes to claim their prize by presenting to promotional staff. Members must produce their membership card as identification.
  • Management reserves the right to withhold winners’ names during any draw for privacy reasons.
  • Management decision on all matters is final.

Entry Mechanism

  • Using ‘max e draw’, members earn virtual tickets in the promotion.
  • Entries will accumulate 8.30am 11th January 2018 to 7.30pm 11th July 2018.
  • During the above stated hours of the promotion, members place their membership cards into the console of the gaming machine to gain entry, or use their member card to purchase meals or drinks.
  • One entry will be awarded per $20 turnover on gaming machines, $200 win on the credit meter on gaming machines, and $4 spent on eligible food and beverage with a membership card.
  • Promotions are for financial members of the City Golf Club only.
  • Patrons must be 18+ to be eligible.
  • Staff members are not eligible to enter this promotion.
  • There will be 1 hour registration of entries on all draws. Entries will be registered through the member swiping their member card at a member’s kiosk, using a gaming machine vector or using their members card at any POS in the Club. The City Golf Club will not be liable for failure to register entries.

Minor/Lead Up Draws – 14th February; 14th March; 11th April; 16th May; 13th June

  • Mid month minor draws will take place between 7pm and 9pm.
  • During each mid month minor draw, 10 patrons will be called to participate in the promotion and asked to choose a ‘hand’ from the table.
  • The prize won will depend on what ‘hand’ the patron chose. An Ace in the hand gives a poker chip- entry to the semi finals on the final night.

Ace Hearts +King Hearts = 1 poker chip & $1,000                                       Ace Diamonds + 10 Spades = 1 poker chip & $500

Ace Spades + Queen Diamonds= 1 poker chip & $750                 Ace Clubs + Jack Hearts= 1 poker chip & $500

King Diamonds + 10 Hearts= $500                                                                  King Spades + 10 Clubs= $500

King Clubs + Jack Clubs= $500                                                          Queen Hearts + Jack Diamonds= $250

Queen Spades + 10 Diamonds= $250                                                              Queen Clubs + Jack Spades= $250

  • If a member does not claim their prize from the prize pool during the minor draws within two minutes of the announcement, another ticket will be drawn until a winner is found. No patron will be eligible to claim a prize after the two minutes has ended.
  • Each member is entitled to win a maximum of three (3) entries or poker chips to the final night on the lead up minor draws. If a member has already won 3 poker chips to the final major draw, any further poker chip wins will be replaced with a $500 cash prize. Another draw will be conducted immediately to find another member to participate in the draw.
  • If a patron holds one or more poker chips is unable to attend on 11th July 2018, they will be able to nominate another member of The City Golf Club to take their place.
  • The nominated patron may not have more than 3 poker chips to the semi finals as the nominated person will be considered to own all entries.
  • The original winner must notify the City Golf Club as soon as possible in writing who will be attending in their place.
  • The nominated patron once nominated has all rights to prizes won during the draws on 11th July 2018. The City Golf Club will not accept nominations for the minor monthly draws. The nominated patron will be considered the winner of any prizes won during the major promotion.
  •  If the original winner is able to attend or wishes to collect the prizes after nominating another member, the nominated patron must write to the City Golf Club to re-nominate the original winner.
  • $3,000 will be set aside for any patrons who win more than 3 poker chips. In the event that this money is not all won prior to 11th July 2018, $500 draws will be conducted from the virtual barrel on this night at 7pm.

Semi Finals and Play Offs- 11th July

  • $5,750 in cash prizes will be drawn 5pm to 6.30pm from the Wild Aces virtual barrel. 5 X $100, 8 X $250; 5 X $500, 1 X $750 will be drawn in order.
  • Four final poker chip holders will be drawn to choose a ‘hand’ from the table 6.30 to 7pm. The four ‘hands’ with Aces will be available to win only (as above) and prize money will depend on the ‘hand’ drawn.
  • Poker Chip holders must register with the promotion staff member by 6.30pm on the night of the major draw that they are present to take part in the Semi-Finals.
  • Any poker chip holding patron who fails to register prior to 6.30pm on 11th July 2018 and who fails to nominate another patron in their place by the draw date forfeits any and all claim on major draw prizes.
  • If a poker chip holder or the nominated patron has not registered by 6.30pm on 11th July 2018, an alternate poker chip winner will be drawn from the entry barrel to participate in the Play Offs. This winner will receive $500 which will be drawn from the $3,000 set aside for patrons who win more than 3 poker chips.
  • The Semi Final Tournaments will take place from 7pm to 8.30. There will be 4 Semi Final Tournaments and 6 players will participate in each.
  • Participants cannot be represented more than once in each Semi Final Tournament.
  • The City Golf Club will determine who will participate in each Semi Final and in which order participants will take turns. Participants will be notified of this on the night.
  • Twelve cards will be laid face down on a table. These cards will be comprised of 6 pairs.
  • Participants will be given turns to make a match of these cards and this will determine their cash prize value and whether they will participate in the Play Offs. If the participant turns over two cards that do not match, the cards will be turned back over and it will be the next player’s turn.
  • Once a participant makes a match in the Semi Final Tournament they will win the prize value as set out below and have finished their participation in the Semi Final Tournament.

Pair Aces= $1,500 cash & entry to the Play Offs (1 available)                   Pair Kings= $1,000 (1 available)    

Pairs Queens= $750 (2 available)                                                    Pair 10’s= $500 (2 available)

  • One participant from each Semi Final Tournament will participate in the Play Offs based match that they make in the Semi Final Tournament.

Major Draw Prizes

  • The Final Play Offs will run from 8.45pm.
  • Cash prizes will be available to the value of $18,500 during the Final Play Off in which four patrons will take part.
  • One pack of 52 playing cards will be laid face down on a table by City Golf Club staff. They will be shuffled prior to being laid down.
  • Participants in the Play Offs will take turns in turning the cards over and trying to make a match (2 X Aces, Queens etc). If the participant fails to make a match, the cards are turned back over but left in position and the next participant tries to make a match.
  • The order in which participants play will be determined by City Golf Club staff based on the order in which they qualified for the Play Offs.
  • Participants may only choose two cards during their turn and may face disqualification if they do not abide by the rules set out.
  • Once participants make a card match they take the pair from the table and place it in their win pile.
  • The Play Offs last until the last match is made. Cash prizes awarded will be determined by the matches each participant has made during the Play Offs.

Pairs:      Aces: $2,000              Kings: $1,500            Queens: $1,000             Jacks: $1,000                   10’s: $750               9’s: $500

8’s: $500           7’s: $400                 6’s: $400                  5’s: $300                 4’s: $300                3’s: $200                  2’s: $200

Participation in this promotion constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions.

CITYGOLFCLUB encourages Responsible Gaming. More information on our Responsible Gaming Policies.