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Golfing Social
254 South St, Toowoomba
(07) 4636 9000



From humble beginnings in 1926 the City Golf Club, Toowoomba has stood strong in supporting the community. Through 8 decades of depressions, wars, floods and droughts, the City Golf Club has proudly given back to the community it is a part of. As a not-for-profit organisation, all profits made are distributed to where the community needs it. In 2014 alone, the Club supported 76 local community services and charities, ensuring our community maintained access to vital services that lacked funding. The Club also supports 16 other golf courses in the region, to ensure everyone has the opportunity to experience the game of golf and also proudly fosters the games professionals like Karen Pearce. City Golf Club has been a constant advocate and supporter in professional golfing with the likes of Greg Norman, Peter Senior, Steven Bowditch and Cameron Smith to name a few who have enjoyed the championship course. Since 2009 the City Golf Club has hosted the prestigious Old. PGA Championships drawing hundreds of professional golfers to the community bringing both tourism and growth opportunity to the region.

The award winning Club recently won Best Sports Club Qld (Large), Best Sports Club Darling Downs & South-West Qld and the Best Entertainment Venue Qld to add to the numerous other awards won over the years.

The Club’s own 25Fore Cafe & Grill has a rich history of providing high quality, award winning dining. The informal yet welcoming atmosphere mixes seamlessly with the stunning location of the City Golf Club, providing patrons with a warm and friendly dining experience. The Restaurant consistently receives excellent recognition through both awards and reviews. The menu caters for all ages and offers first-class cuisine in a relaxed, friendly setting and guests are invited to indulge in tantalising meals.

Priding themselves on providing ingredients rich in freshness and flavour for all of menu items, which are all expertly made in-house by the experienced chefs, is the main priority. Every menu prepared reflects the creativity within the team, as well as the camaraderie in the kitchen. With its diverse selection, the menu is updated regularly so to appeal to all members and guests. The one thing that will never change is the freshness and quality of the food.

In 2010, the 4.5 Star City Golf Club Motel was built offering spectacular views over the championship course. Luxury and affordability for personal and corporate customers as well as convenience with the Stay & Play packages on offer in conjunction with the Clubs weddings, functions, golfing and live entertainment are only a small number of reasons the motel has won numerous awards. Having the courtesy bus and a golf buggy valet service on hand at both Club and Motel, guests have no trouble making their way between destinations.

The City Golf Club and City Golf Club Motel are there whether hosting a function; enjoying a meal with family or to simply have a game of golf with friends.

The growth and success of the Club and Motel and the difference they have made to many local charities are a direct influence of the support shown from each member and guest who has enjoyed a visit to the Toowoomba icon.

So come support your community and join us at City Golf Club Toowoomba – A truly local Club.CG_Opening_Hours_Socials2.jpg

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Golfing Membership

Categories of the City Golf Club Inc.

Under the new constitution, the following categories now apply to male and female members:

Playing Members - (Full Member)

Playing Members shall be entitled to vote and subject to the provisions of the Rules hold office or otherwise take part in the management of the Association and shall be entitled to all privileges conferred on members of the Association. Social Green Fees apply.

Limited Playing Members

Limited Playing Members shall not be eligible to play on the golf course on Saturdays. Limited Playing Members shall not be entitled to vote or to take part of the management of the Association. Social Green Fees apply.

Mid-Week Members

Mid-Week Members shall be ineligible to play on the golf course on Saturdays or Sundays. Mid-Week Members shall not be entitled to vote or to take part of the management of the Association. Social Green Fees apply.

Country Members

A person residing not less than 100 kilometres from the G.P.O., Toowoomba, may be admitted as a Country Member. A Country Member may play on the golf course on annual leave or visits to Toowoomba, with a maximum of 24 games in any one year of membership. Country Members shall not be entitled to vote or take part in the management of the Association. Social Green Fees apply.

Intermediate Student Members

Persons who are full-time students and whose age is between the 18th and 24th anniversary of the day of their birth, may be admitted as Intermediate Student Members. The Board of Management shall determine from time to time the criteria which must be satisfied in order to determine if a person is a full time student. Such members on attaining the age of 24 years or ceasing to be a full time student shall either cease to be a member of the Association or shall apply for transfer to another class of membership.

Intermediate Student Members may be permitted to play on the golf course and participate in Club competitions upon such terms and conditions and subject to such restrictions as the Board of Management may from time to time determine. Intermediate Student Members shall not be entitled to vote or to take part of the management of the Association. Social Green Fees apply.

Schedule of Fees

Membership TypeSocial Green FeesFees
Playing Member (Full Member) Mon-Fri 9 Holes $3, 18 Holes $5 (Sat-Sun $10) $471.00 plus Levies
Limited Playing Member 18 Holes $10 $359.00 plus Levies
Mid-Week Member Mon-Fri 18 Holes $10, Sat-Sun Ineligible $303.00 plus Levies
Country Member 18 Holes $10 $303.00 plus Levies
Colts Members 18 Holes $10 $275.00 plus Levies
Junior Members (Under 18 years) 18 Holes $2 $95.00 plus Levies





Joining Fee

All new Golfing Members must pay an Entrance Fee of $165.00.
This fee must be paid at the time of submitting application form.

Golf Membership Form for 2019 (PDF)

Golf Membership Form for 2019 (Editable Form)

Social Membership

Social Membership is available at the Club's Main Reception at all times. Please ask the Club's friendly reception staff for assistance when becoming a member.

Social Membership only $2.00 until December 2019 or $5.00 will see you through until December 2023.

Join Today and start enjoying the benefits of becoming a member of City Golf Club:

  • Ease of entry into the Club
  • Member discounts on Food and Beverages
  • Member discounts to selected Shows and Events
  • Participation in exclusive members only Promotions and Giveaways
  • Participation in membership cash jackpot draws on Friday and Sunday nights
  • Access to the Bottleshop
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Access to the Kaddies Kids Club activity centre
  • Participation in major City of Gold Gaming promotions
  • Participation in Gaming Lounge Unlock Your Rewards Loyalty Programme - earn points and redeem for Ca$h, Food & Beverage etc
  • A Courtesy Bus.
CITYGOLFCLUB encourages Responsible Gaming. More information on our Responsible Gaming Policies.